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HVAC Technology

Posted on Oct 09,2015 by Admin
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HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning, this is the technology of indoor and vehicular environmental comfort. It provides snug comfort and adequate indoor air quality. Mechanical Engineering is the originator of this HVAC system, sub disciplined with the principles of Thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transferring. Refrigeration is also added to the technology by replacing it with ventilation. These HVAC components performs heating and cooling functions. The refreshment of contaminated air in our surroundings by extracting germs and toxic gases from the air can be consummated by this mechanization.

This system can either be used for cooling or heating as well. Heating system increases the temperature of the area and keeps the environment warm. Central heating is done by HVAC system purposed to generate heat. Its components are boiler, heat pump (for water heating), air (in central location). The transfer of heat can be done by deportation, conduction or emission. Ventilation is the process of transaction of air inside the area or the building by providing high quality air. Ventilation involves the refreshment of air by diminishing foul odor and disproportionate chunk of moisture from the air.

Air conditioning or refrigeration is done by the removal of heat or warmth from the air. As early said, heat can be removed or transferred with three methods that are deportation, conduction or emission. Components that helps in during air conditioning are water, air, ice and chemicals. These are all referred as refrigerants. In heat pumps, compressors are used to drive thermodynamic refrigerant cycle where the refrigerant is inked. A free cooling system which uses pumps to circulate a refrigerant can also be used for air conditioning.

If three major functions cooling, heating and ventilation can be done with a single technology then why we need to switch on individual technologies, as it will preserve energy and money both at the same time. HVAC technology is the answer of all questions arises on the issue of power consumption and money wastage. There are so many benefits for using this HVAC technology like it maintains thermal conditions and indoor air quality, reduces power consumption as well as man power cost it also identifies about the maintenance problems as well.  

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