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We are Dealer, Distributor, Installer, Repair and Service Provider for all VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) Air Conditioner

The modular design of VRF results in superior energy savings giving occupants the choice to air condition or heat only the zones in use. A VRF system provides exceptional dehumidification and temperature control by rapidly adapting to changing loads.

Without using large distribution ducts, the Multi V system removes losses that are unavoidable in other systems. In addition, the use of optimized scroll or rotary compressors, specially designed heat exchangers, and inverter technology, the Multi V system minimizes energy consumption to levels previously unattainable by non-VRF systems.

The modular design offers comfort on demand allowing the choice to use the system only in the zones where it is needed further promoting reduced energy consumption.

The Digital Scroll Compressor difference

The Digital Scroll is the next generation of modulation technology. It allows an alert external control to switch the compressor rapidly between its loaded and unloaded states. In the loaded state, the compressor is like a standard scroll, delivering full capacity. While in the unloaded state, there is no capacity. By varying the loaded state time and the unloaded state time, any capacity from 10 to 100% can be delivered by the compressor. This is a very smart way of ensuring greater efficiency, especially during partial load. This real-time variation of the 'duty cycle' of the digital scroll compressor is what sets Blue Star VRF systems apart from ordinary systems.

VRV system While in an ordinary system, the compressor always delivers its full capacity regardless of the cooling requirement, the intelligent control system in our VRF system ensures that only the required capacity is generated by the compressor, depending upon how many indoor units are operating at that point of time and at what load requirement. This results in huge power savings, longer life and greater reliability. To top it all, there is no issue of electromagnetic interference

Why use VRF / VRV Systems?

VRF systems are the next generation in intelligent, energy efficient air conditioning. A VRF system typically consists of an outdoor unit with multiple compressors and different types of indoor units for different zones. It also comes with a highly sophisticated electronic control centre to enable zone wise climate control. VRV system This gives the VRF system a rare versatility in the selection of indoor units–which means a lot to architects and interior designers. What's more, VRF systems are easier to install, run and maintain as compared to conventional chilled water airconditioning plants.

VRF systems offer a wide range of indoor units–ductable units to cool large halls, wall mounted splits for cabins and bedrooms, or cassettes for open spaces. All this is in turn, part of a single airconditioning system. Such benefits have made the VRF system the most popular airconditioning system across the world. From homes to hotels, shopping centres to sprawling villas and commercial spaces to condominiums, the Blue Star VRF system is just right for your need!
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