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Room Air Conditioners

Posted on Aug 24,2015 by Admin
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There are variety of air conditioner units are offered in market, room air conditioner is one of them. A room air conditioner is just an AC unit designed to cool a single room is a small enclosed cooling device that is able to be mounted in a window or through a wall for venting and for air exchange.

A room air conditioner is good choice for those who have a small home, and often a good for renters, since they can be removed easily and can be re-installed in a new location.

The purpose of room air conditioner is to cool the air within a small area, they are most often used in houses,apartments or in home offices where cooling is require in limited area.

The advantage of room air conditioner is that they are easy to install, no need ant professional person, if you are little aware about electronic item installation you can do that own self.

Because of its portability these room air conditioner most popular between public. These small units can be installed any where like on windows or on wall. Here are some tips about portable room air conditioners to help you to be aware of their usages and energy efficiency when buying a room air conditioner. If you have a room air conditioner or room air conditioners is only option for you to cool your room or office due to any intention, these tips may help you understand something more about your air conditioner and make better use of it.

Appropriate size of your room air conditioner.

Room or window air conditioners both come in multiple size and variety. If you’re looking for a room air conditioner, make sure you have enough space to place it on your floor or wall and it isn’t obstructed surrounding area.

Capacity requirement :

Air conditioner capacity is measured in BTUs. Small window or room air conditioners will deliver a small amount of BTUs that is 3,000 BTUs, while bigger ones can exceed 20,000 BTUs.

Cooling direction :

When installing a room air conditioner, it is extremely important to look at the room size and direction of your windows face. Always try to place you room air conditioner unit at that place form where air ventilation should be appropriate and AC direction should be in your seating side.

Energy efficiency:

Before installing room air conditioner of any brand first of all check its energy efficiency. because this is not compulsory all brands provide same features. some room air conditioner more energy efficient as compare to others.

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