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What is VRF & VRV air conditioner?

Posted on Oct 15,2015 by Admin
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VRV stands for Variable Refrigerant Volume whereas the VFR stands for Variable Refrigerant Flow, both are termed for same technology. It is a part of HVAC technology and was invented in Japan by a company named Daikin in 1982. Both of the technologies are used in air conditioning of large areas with a very quick installation process and energy saving mode. Their installation is done with air conditioner inverters that ads a dc inverter to the compressor for supporting motor speed. This is the only technology that adjusts the volume of refrigerant according to the requirement of the area that results an optimum comfort and maximum energy efficiency. Their are various companies in the market who are working on the installation of this technology. VRV and VRF based air conditioners are large system based devices in which several indoor units are connected with it. Applications of these air conditioners are basically large conditioning systems where the alternatives might be central ducted system or the central chilled water systems.

There are several benefits for using VRF & VRV technology. Like :

  • It removes looses without using large distribution ducts which are unavoidable in other systems.

  • It also minimizes the energy consumption to a level which can't be achieved by using non VRF systems.

  • Its very new modular design makes it usable in different zones easily.

  • Proper control over temperature through precise load matching is the reason of dehumidification.

  • It can be utilized by working for increasing as well as decreasing the temperature.

  • Its units can be controlled either individually, in group, centrally or in combination with some other device.

  • VRV/VRF technology are Eco-friendly that means it do not effect the ecosystem in anyway.

VRF and VRV technologies are the languages of today's era intelligent, smart and economic. It is consists of an outdoor unit, multiple compressor and few indoor units maybe of different zones. Its sophisticated electronic controlling system enable it to maintain the temperature according to the climate. This technology is very easy to install, use and maintain by a user as compared with other techniques. 

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