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Window Vs Split Air Conditioner

Posted on Aug 17,2015 by Admin
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An AC abbreviated as Air Conditioner. Air conditioner is a very great invention for human being. It gives relax to us on hot summer days. Now a day this electronic device is very common to all but this is not a cheap machine. We have to pay a good amount for it. That’s way everyone thinks number of times before buying air conditioner.

There are several of brands available in market some of them offers different kinds of air conditioner. In all of them there are two most admired varieties which create immense doubt in people before buying AC. These are Window AC and Split AC. If anyone buying Air Conditioner first time he is wandering in a doubt, and feels helpless to finalize the correct Air conditioner.

Today we are sharing some knowledge about both type of Air Conditioner, which will help you when you are going to but you first AC.

Window Air Conditioner: Window AC is economical Air Conditioner. It is a single unit AC you can see then hanging out in many houses windows, of on any ventilator. Window Ac is single unit device place in open wall. Its back body release heat out site and front part releasing cool air. These are very portable and widely used.

Split Air Conditioner: Split Air Conditioner is place inside the room. Installation of these AC is hectic as compare to Window AC. As its name Explain its Quality this AC splits into two parts. One for cooling and second one installed for compressor. Cooling part placed inside the room while its noisy compressor fix in open area for heat releasing. Second unit could be both smaller and larger, means a large outdoor unit can be connected or handle two indoor cooling devices.



In Window air conditioners heat exchangers, compressors, condenser and other components like connecting pipes are placed as a single unit.

Although in Split AC the compressor and condenser are component of an exterior division and the evaporative coil is element of the internal cooling unit.


Split Ac has need of additional area to fix as compared to Window Air conditioner.

Window Ac Just like a Microwave easily fixed in any window.


Split Ac requires skilled person to install it.

While there is no need for any professional on installing window AC, Window Ac Require only weight support on the outer side for which some people use a normal to hammer for hole through a wall and fit the AC in it.


The split AC makes very little noise because the compressor unit is place in the outdoor part. If you didn’t like any type of noise in your room so you have to chose Split Ac over Window Ac.


Capacity of Window AC is maximum 2.0 Ton whereas for Split AC there is no such restriction.

Area for cooling

Window Air Conditioner covers less than 300 sq. ft. in dimension for cooling.

There are no any limitations in the size of the area to be chilled in Split AC.

Electricity costs

Both AC utilize the equivalent quantity of voltage for cooling.


The overall cost from buying to installation of split Air conditioner is high while Window AC is very Economical.

So, all above information clarify that if you are tight in budget or space you have to go with window AC. And if you are thinking about pleasurable display and hate noise and light sleeper then choose Split Air Conditioner.
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