There are two types of Package AC
Roof top package unit
Package Unit

Roof top package AC:
Evaporator coils and fans, condenser coils and fans, expansion device and compressor are inbuilt in the unit and it often comes in capacities ranging from 11TR - 40 TR. The entire unit is weather proof and located on the roof of the building. Ducts can be used to carry the conditioned air to and from the unit. The main advantage of the unit is reduced installation efforts since everything except duct and air terminals is factory assembled.

Package AC:
It can be separated as Indoor unit and Outdoor unit. Indoor unit contains evaporator coils and fans, expansion device and compressor. Outdoor unit contains condenser coil and fans. This unit comes in the range of 5 TR - 20 TR. The advantage of the packaged unit compared with split machines are higher capacities ducting can be done to cater multiple rooms.
Advantage of package machine compared with roof top package machine is the reduced duct length since the indoor machine can be located within the building.
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